Create Your Free Wheel of Life

Bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

For each category, enter a value from 0 - 10 indicating how satisfied you are with that area of your life right now. (Not Impressed) 0-10 (Ecstatic!) When you're happy with the values, click Create My Wheel to create your own.

If you need more clarification on each of the categories, click here and hover over the images for a description.

Wheel of Life Quiz


Hover over the images below for a description of each area of the wheel of life.

  • Health + Wellness

    How happy are you with your overall health, vitality, and the general state of your physical body? How would you rate your overall level of physical energy?

  • Mind + Meaning

    How would you rate your overall peace of mind, emotional stability and spirituality?

  • Love + Romance

    How would you rate the overall quality of your current romantic relationship? If you are not currently in a relationship, please rate your most recent or a past intimate relationship.

  • Relationships + Social Life

    How would you rate the overall quality of your relationships with friends and family?

  • Career + Business

    How happy and fulfilled are you with your work? How do you feel about your career or business?

  • Wealth + Lifestyle

    How comfortable do you feel about your financial situation – both present and future?

  • Impact + Contribution

    How happy are you in your ability to lead, help and contribute to the lives of others and society?

  • Vision + Future

    How confident are you in the fulfillment of your dreams in the future?